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A Field Guide To Common Texas Insects Texas Cooperative Extension Texas A&M
Insects In The City Texas Cooperative Extension The Texas A&M University System
Bed Bugs

Black Widow & Brown Recluse Information

• Black Widow Identification
• Brown Recluse Identification
Black Widow & Brown Recluse Bites

Burrowing Pests

Pocket Gophers

Rodent Information

Norway Rat
Roof Rat
House Mouse
Deer Mouse

Squirrel Information

Eastern Fox
Thirteen-Lined Ground
Eastern Flying


• German - American - Oriental - Brown Banded - Smokybrown
• The Texas Agricultural Extension Service
• The Texas A&M University System

Informative Websites on Subterranean Termites

• Subterranean Termites
• Texas A&M University
• Center for Urban & Structural Entomology

• Subterranean Termites
• Texas Agricultural Extension Service
• The Texas A&M University

Preparation for Service

General Pest
Attic / Crawl Space Service
Weep Hole Service
Yard - General Pest, Fleas, Ticks, Ants
Carpenter Ants
Nuisance Ants

ULV / PAS Treatment
German Cockroaches
Bed Bugs
Fleas/Ticks Inside
Rodents / Deodorization
Pocket Gophers
Subterranean Termites