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Charged Guilty For A Rodent Infestation Problem

Crawly creepers and things that can bump in the night – no one wants rodents in their home. The rodents are always looking for a warm and cozy place to nest, and if your home has what they’re looking for, they won’t hesitate to move in. Do you know you may be the reason for rodent infestation in your home? So how can you tell if you’re the cause of the rodent infestation problem?

The pointed nose ones, the ones with the long tails, the beady-eyed ones – whatever you call them- have dealt with hundreds of them during the past 18 years. So, when our experts at Classic Pest Control Operators, Inc. give you hints on what you may be doing to invite these pests into your home, please pay attention!

An Open Invite with the Leftovers:

Do you have a rodent party going on in your kitchen? If so, you might as well put out a sign that says “rodents welcome!”

Your home is like a buffet for rodents. If you don’t have proper food storage, you’re just asking for trouble. Any crumbs or spilled food will attract mice and rats. And once they know there’s a food source, they’ll keep coming back for more.

Don’t let your home be an abode for rodents. Take some time to clean up and store food properly. Otherwise, you might be the one charged with rodent infestation!

Terrible Trash Management:

Do you have those bad days when you feel too lazy to take the trash out? Well, rodents have good days, too- and your garbage is their idea of a five-star meal. If you don’t want rodents rummaging through your trash, take it out regularly.

The least you could do is designate an area far away from your house for the garbage. That way, rodents will have to travel a long distance for a meal, and they might give up and find another home.

You Can’t Help Hoarding:

We’re all guilty of hoarding to some extent, but did you know that your hoard could be an invitation for those tiny creatures with a habit of chewing on everything?

That’s right! If you’re hoarding old newspapers or piles of clothes, rodents will be more likely to make themselves at home in your house.

So, if you’re going to hoard, at least be tidy about it and keep your hoard in a sealed container. Cardboard, cotton, and paper can all make for a construction project for a small rodent. Before you know it, they’ll be inside your walls chewing through your electrical wiring.

Cleaning is for Weekends, Alternate Ones:

It’s okay; we are all busy people. We can’t all be Martha Stewart and have our homes spotless 24/seven. But if you’re never cleaning, your home is just asking to be infested with rodents.

Maybe the birdfeeder is a little excessive, perhaps you missed the watermelon on the porch for a couple of days, or there’s hidden water damage somewhere in your home, or maybe there’s just an unidentifiable smell emanating from your home. If you don’t act now, you may have some new tiny crawling tenants very shortly.


If these tiny beasts give you heebie-jeebies, it’s time to contact Classic Pest Control Operators, Inc., serving Weatherford. We can help you with pest control and prevention and termite and rodent control.

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Infestations are no laughing matter, but we can help you take your home back from these critters!