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Fire ants were accidently brought into the U.S on a cargo boat from South America. They spread aggressively to the South because Northern soil temperatures challenged their survival.

Fire ants live in colonies of over 200,000 ants. Fire any colonies usually have female worker ants and one queen that is responsible for laying the eggs.

The workers create under ground tunnels that can extend up to 25 feet and can be present six months before the mound is large enough to be visible.

Fire Ants are part of a painful reality in Texas. However, we can help you control fire ants in your yard all year long with just 2 services. Your family, friends, and pets can walk and play in your yard without worrying about fire ants within 4-6 weeks of service. Our service comes with a 6-month warranty which means that there is no charge if we have to treat new Fire Ant mounds. This service also helps to assure that fire ants stay out of your home.

We broadcast a fine particle product that dissolves in moisture. We ask that you water your lawn within 48 hours of product application to help the product dissolve from its granular form and then you can water your lawn normally after that. This product bonds with the organic matter under your lawn. Ants are eliminated when they work the soil in the treated areas. If you see an ant mound in your yard after 6 weeks, please poke the mound with a long stick. If the ants come out aggressively, call us immediately. We will come at no additional charge.

As an added bonus…the product we use will also help with fleas & ticks for about 1 month, nuisance ants up to 3 months and mole crickets for almost 4 months.