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How To Keep Mice Out In Your Home: DIY Control And Prevention

Mice are a danger to homeowners and their families. They can enter houses through small holes in the walls, vents, or even open windows. Once inside, they will make nests anywhere from your kitchen cabinets to your children’s bedroom closet.

Mice carry diseases, such as salmonella and listeria, and chew on things in the home, causing damage. Keep reading to know how to prevent and eliminate mice infestations.

4 Tips To Prevent Mice Infestation

There are many things you can do yourself to try and prevent a mice infestation.

  • Seal Off Holes Leading Into The Home By Using Steel: 

One of the easiest ways to prevent a mice infestation is by plugging up every hole they could use to enter your home. This can include holes in exterior walls, windows, vents, or even areas where water enters through the rain.

  • Keep Food Away From The House: 

All food must be stored in tightly-sealed containers or bags so mice cannot get into them. This includes pet food dishes and even bird seeds!

  • Remove Clutter: 

Mice love to make nests with clutter, so if you have any piles of clothes or boxes in your home, they will be using it for a nest.

  • Keep Grass And Bushes Trimmed: 

Longer grass can provide mice a place to hide from predators as well as shelter them close by the house where they could enter through small gaps.

How To Eliminate The Infestation From Your House

The most important thing about eliminating mice from your house is that you take action! You never want them living in or near your home because they are dangerous for your health. This includes preventing them from entering your home, removing their nests, and eliminating the infestation.

Here are some ideas to eliminate the infestation:

  • Bait And Trap Them Out Of Your House: 

Many different types of traps can be used on mice, such as snap traps, self-contained live traps, glue boards, but it’s important to remember they will die in the walls or wherever you place them, so be prepared to take care of them.

  • Use Mouse Poison: 

Mousetraps are not the only way mice can be killed, but by using a special kind of poison that will kill them slowly and humanely.

  • Contact A Professional Pest Control Company: 

If you don’t feel like doing it yourself, contacting a rodent pest control expert is the best way to ensure 100% elimination of the infestation.

The Best Solution To Your Mouse Infestation

Hiring professional pest control services is best if you’ve tried the tips mentioned above and still have trouble with mice. Classic Pest Control Operators Inc offers commercial and residential services in Azle, TX, to people who need help quickly get rid of an infestation.

We have 18 years of experience working on mouse extermination and other infestations such as termites, bedbugs, mosquitos, ants, and more! So don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’ll give you a free estimate with no obligation.