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Stop Vermin In Their Tracks With Rodent Control

Protect your property from unnecessary damage with animal control in Fort Worth Texas and surrounding areas. There are many types of animals that can affect your home or property, each very different from the other, but they all leave behind the same telltale signs. Our expert exterminators know exactly what to look for and where to look. Over the years, we’ve inspected thousands of homes and businesses, assuring you of our ability to provide you with quality animal control solutions.

Classic Pest Control Operators, Inc. has more than 40 years of experience in the pest control industry. We pride ourselves on our reputation for offering premier animal services so that you can rid your home of bothersome creatures from raccoons and rats to gophers and moles. Your home is an important investment so protecting it is vital to maintaining its value.


While different species of rodents have their own unique traits, there are also many common ways to determine their presence. As their teeth grow, rodents will chew on just about anything including wires, cables, and through structures. Oftentimes, you might not even notice the damage until it’s been done.

As they make themselves at home and sneak around your home, rodents contaminate and matt down insulation reducing its effectiveness. You may also notice droppings, urine, and greasy, dark marks anywhere they’ve traveled. These are signs that they’re trying to attract more rodents with their scent.


Most moles never really come to the surface, although they do leave their signs in the form of tunnels and mounds. This damage is created in a mole’s relentless pursuit of food…primarily earthworms but also grub worms. Moles are insectivores, getting essentially all of their dietary needs from these creatures. In the process of hunting, moles can tunnel up to 100 feet per day…causing extensive lawn and landscape damage. Properties in close proximity to fields, wooded areas, and other fertile hunting grounds area are susceptible to “reoccupation”. “Reoccupation” occurs when a new mole moves into an area that has been inactive. If these conditions are present, additional treatment may be required to maintain control.


Gophers are heavily built, and most are moderately large, ranging from 4.7 inches to 12 inches in length. A few species reach weights approaching 2.2 lbs. Pocket Gophers have small eyes and a short, hairy tail which they use to feel around tunnels when they walk backward. All Pocket Gophers are burrowers and are hoarders using their cheek pouches for transporting food back to their burrows. They can destroy crops and garden vegetation while creating holes that can cause injury to livestock. Gophers are destructive rodents causing damage annually to parks, ranches, vineyards, golf courses and farming operations. Their presence is unambiguously announced by the appearance of mounds of fresh dirt about 8 – 12 inches in diameter, sometimes larger. These mounds are fan shaped which are the result of the pocket gopher excavating dirt from the main tunnel through a lateral tunnel and up through the surface. In most cases, the tunnel entrance at the mound is located at the base of the fan at the 45 degree angle. These destructive pests like moist soil, so you will often find them in lawns, gardens or farms.

A Pocket Gopher usually tunnels 12 to 18 inches below the ground surface with their dens or burrows being 6 feet deep in frost free climates and 8 to 10 feet in northern climates. Pocket gophers do not hibernate and can produce up to 3 liters per year with the first litter reaching sexual maturity in nine to twelve months.

Pocket gophers can be active at any time of day or night. In most cases, activity usually decreases by late morning and resumes in late afternoon due to cooler soil temperatures and increased soil moisture.

There are 3 things to remember when treating Pocket Gophers which are unique to this species. Patience, Persistence and Understanding!

Patience is the key when treating an invasive species like pocket gophers. Since they are migrating species, totally eliminating them from an infested area may not be possible on a long term basis.


No matter where your home is located, wildlife lives all around you. Some of them can be destructive and carry diseases. Our pest control experts will come to your property and inspect the area for signs of activity. We offer a variety of humane animal trapping services to remove these creatures safely.

At Classic Pest Control Operators, Inc., not only do we treat your home with the highest degree of respect, but we respect animals as well. Our technicians are professionally trained to locate, trap and remove a variety of animals, including:






We have the knowledge and experience to find where the critters are hiding. With our equipment and animal trapping services, we can remove them quickly, safely, and humanely.

Contact our pest professional to restore the comfort, health, and safety of your property with effective rodent control. We proudly serve customers in Fort Worth and Azle, Texas, as well as the surrounding Tarrant, Parker, and Wise County communities.