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Termites 101: Facts For Homeowners

The well-being of a house is important for the safety of those who live in it. This is why learning about termites is crucial for all homeowners. These little insects represent a great danger to the structure of a house. In the worst-case scenario, termites can damage a house beyond repair.

This article will provide some facts about what they are and how to identify termite signs at home.

But First, What Is A Termite?

Termites are insects with soft bodies and termite antennae. These attributes can help you identify them in your house. Termites have the appearance of ants, but they differ in their habits, especially when it comes to feeding.

What Do They Eat?

House termites, which we will discuss in this article, feed on wood. They damage a house by chewing holes in walls and beams, leaving a termite trail as a way to mark the path they have traveled. Termites can lead to furniture damages and even serious structural risks for house owners.

When Do They Become A Risk?

For termites to cause damage, there must be an excess of them. Termites are often spotted when the infestation becomes a real problem. Another termite sign to look out for is wood that shows termite damage, like holes or termite trails.

How Do They Infest A House?

On average, termites work and live inside the ground. Termites usually infest a house by searching for food sources, like dead or weakened trees, wood debris, and even food in your house.

It is important to know termites are not attracted to hair or clothes. They can get into your home on food sources like wooden boxes, chairs, or tables. Once termites get inside your home, they usually hide in walls and floors until the day they find something to eat.

How Do You Solve A Termite Infestation?

The solution for a termite infestation is not simple. Call professional pest control services to inspect, diagnose and treat termites in your home. A termite infestation can be treated using termite treatment. Residential services used to treat termites include termite baits, termite chemicals, or termiticides into termite nests.

Get Rid Of Termites – Contact A Professional Pest Control Service

A professional termites control service will advise you on the best treatment for your home. Contact professional pest control services right away if you see a termite or signs of their presence, like holes or trails. 

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