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To Rid Of A Rodent – 6 Steps To Make Your Home Mouse-Proof!

Contrary to the cuteness that lab mice might evoke in most of us – they can be one heck of a pest if you consider the wilder cousins. And mind you, no one likes sharing their abode with pests, no matter how adorable they seem.

Mice are among the most typical household pests. As such, a rodent infestation stemming from them can be extremely difficult to eliminate, especially when they’ve taken up residence in the very drywalls of your home with their germs & rabid infections.

If you’re dealing with a mouse infestation or simply want to prevent mice from taking over your home, you can do a few things to make your home mouse-proof.

Step 1: Identify the Source

Your first instinct in dealing with a mouse infestation may be to set traps and lay down poison. Still, before you do that, it’s important to figure out how the mice are getting into your home. Try looking for cracks or holes in your home’s foundation, as mice can easily squeeze through tiny spaces.

Step 2: Identify the Attractant

Now that you know how they’re getting in, you need to figure out what’s attracting them in the first place. Food is the primary attractant for mice, so if you have food left out or not properly stored, that may be what’s attracting them.

They’re also attracted to warmth and shelter, so if your home is drafty or has gaps in the walls or foundation, that may be another attraction.

Step 3: Remove the Attractant

Once you’ve identified the attractant, you need to remove it. If it’s food, make sure all food is properly stored in airtight containers. If it’s shelter, seal up any gaps in the walls or foundation with padding, insulation, or caulk.

Step 4: Block All the Entry Points

Start by sealing up any openings that mice could use to get into your home. Look for cracks in the foundation, gaps around doors and windows, and any other small openings that mice could squeeze through. Caulk or steel wool are good sources to seal up these openings, and be sure to check regularly.

Step 5: Seal Food Containers and Bins

One way to make your home mouse-proof is to store all food properly. Mice can squeeze into small spaces, so it’s essential to use airtight containers for all your dry goods. Store cereals, pasta, flour, and other dry goods in resealable bags or plastic containers with tight-fitting lids. 

Clean up immediately in case of spills, and don’t leave crumbs or food scraps. Sweep and mop your floors regularly, and vacuum carpets and upholstered furniture to remove any mouse-attracting debris.

Step 6: Keep Your Home Clean

A clean home is a less alluring target for mice looking for a place to nest. In addition to sweeping and mopping your floors regularly, vacuum carpets and upholstered furniture to remove any mouse-attracting debris like food scraps & other organic detritus.


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